A Perfect Cup o’ Traveling Joe!

I am not an addict. I am not an addict. I am not an addict. Really, I am not. My wife is, but I am not. Even though I hardly ever turn it down when offered, I am not the addict in the family. But, oh, how I like good coffee. I guess I am glad my wife is an addict…kind of.


I had my first cup of coffee while living overseas. Actually, it was a cup of good ol’ American Folgers instant coffee from a red can that someone had brought over for us. I know what you’re thinking, but, hey–it was the early 90’s. Now that I have had the real deal I can’t believe I ever touched the instant variety.

I never thought I would be fond of the black stuff, but my wife and her family have become full-blown connoisseurs. Conversations surrounding the correct bean, roast, crack, water temperature, grind, and preparation method can become downright near idolatrous. Since we all travel, having the ability to make coffee while in a hotel room, attending a conference, or at home (wherever that might be) is very important to our family.

aeropressSo, what is the gist of this article? My advice to you, if you are concerned about making good coffee while you travel is this: get yourself a good, lightweight Aeropress coffee maker. An air press coffee maker really brews a great cup of joe. The particular model that we use has no glass parts, washes up easily, and can make up to four shots. The coffee is neither bitter nor acidic. It is rich, pure, and takes less than a minute to make (once you have the water boiled). We have been using the Aeropress everyday for years now, although we have worn out two of them in the process. By the way, I also recommend that you get a portable spiral water heater to travel with you (cup size) so that you can easily boil water without a teapot. This is assuming you have access to electricity. Those kind of devices are usually best purchased in the country you are visiting, but they look something like this>>.spiral-water-heater

Just so you know, the Aeropress will take up a little bit of room in your carry on, but imagine something the size of a guy’s ditty bag–a guy who does not use gel or require a hairdryer, various electric razors, trimmers, sprays, mirrors, etc. Just a simple-guy’s-ditty-bag-size space is needed.

Pour, brew, press, drink, and enjoy! You can thank me later. 🙂


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